Mark Allenbach

Mark Allenbach


Mark Allenbach, Vice President, practices qualitative research and consulting in the games industry. Mark’s extensive knowledge of gaming includes 11+ years practicing games research as well as 25 years of gameplay experience. As a member of the Magid Game Group, Mark’s work covers virtually every gaming genre and platform. He has personally conducted thousands of hours of focus groups, in-home interviews, in-game ethnographies, one on one interviews and other forms of consumer research.

Over the last decade Mark has become a console expert, working closely with traditionally console-centric companies like SCEA, EA, 2K, WBIE and Ubisoft. His past work also includes deep engagements with more PC based companies, primarily in the MMO space, and more recently with emerging platforms including the exploding tablet and smartphone gaming markets.

Most recently, Mark has worked hand in hand with free to play focused publishers on their offerings across all platforms. This work has included high level marketing strategy, identification of best monetization practices and the incorporation of “big data” and qualitative findings.

Mark is a 2003 graduate of the Georgetown McDonough School of Business and is currently a candidate for his MBA at the Darden School of Business at UVA.

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