Eric Goldberg

Eric Goldberg


Eric is a 35-year veteran of the game, mobile, consumer Internet, monetisation, and edtech industries, serving in capacities ranging from game designer to executive. Since 2002, Eric is or has been a board member of, advisor or consultant to AOL, Art+Craft, AT&T Wireless, Bandai Namco, BBC Worldwide, Centerscore, Digital Chocolate, Electronic Arts, FremantleMedia, Gaia Online, Goldman Sachs, GoPop, HipLogic, In-Fusio, Juice Wireless, Kingdom Scene, Lifetime, LimeLife, Meredith, Mforma, Moloon, Openwave, PaymentOne, PickTeams (fka GoCrossCampus), Pixelberry, Playdom (fka YouPlus), PlaySpan, The Reading Room, Reaxion, RocketOn, SEGA, Square Enix, StoryToys, Thumbplay, ToyTalk, Unplugged, Vindigo, Warner Music, Wireless Generation (dba Amplify) and three US venture capital firms.

Eric was most recently the President and Co-Founder of Unplugged, for which he secured distribution with four of the five largest North American carriers. Previously, he served as President and Founder of Crossover Technologies, one of the first consumer online companies, for which he recruited and managed AOL, BMG, Discovery Channel, Intel, Microsoft, Prodigy (IBM/Sears/CBS joint venture), Random House, Sony, Time Warner, and Viacom as clients and distribution partners; and, prior to that, as President of West End Games, the adventure game company for which he published, among 40+ titles, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Junta. His award-winning games include Paranoia, Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Tom Peters Business School in a Box, and MadMaze, the first online game to draw one million players. He is a three-time winner of the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game and a two-time winner of the Game Designers Guild Select Award.

Eric is a regular speaker at major games, wireless and online conferences, including CTIA, Internet World, The Conference Board, DMW, GDC, GDC Mobile, VentureBeat, MES, AGC, MGC, Casual Connect, LA Games Conference, and E3, and has served as a programs advisor or advisory board member for the latter eight conferences. He was previously a board member for the New York New Media Association and New York University`s Center for Advanced Digital Applications.

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